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Multidisciplinary Innovation

LITS embraces emerging technology

Such as VR/AR, Deep Learning, Advanced Manufacturing (Additive), Neurosciences, Connected Devices and Platform services.



Engineering, consulting, infrastructure, funding - if you need help let us know.


We are a development first company from ideation to execution.

Tech Integration

Let us handle the technology, you do what your good at. We like to partner with domain specific experts.

Process Management

We are experts in project execution and process management. Let us help you get on track.

R&D process and culture

Whether your creating new products or looking to reinvigorate your team. We'll help you build a culture of innovation in your organization.


Have a great idea? Let us help you build it. Ideas are cheap - lets get building, testing and iterating.

Business Support

Get your business on the right track with HR, Admin, Insurance, Support and other tools and best practices.